Advantages of a Polyester Vehicle Cover

An excellent material to have an outside vehicle cover is polyester. While polypropylene is frequently employed for large RV’s, class An electric motor homes and trailer camping tents polyester is really a solid cover fabric for cars, motorcycles, scooters and outside garden furniture. Top quality, lightweight and water-resistant polyester is really a commercial grade fabric material that may withstand most typical climate hazards including strong wind, driving rain and intense Ultra violet sunlight.

Polyester covers are easy and lightweight to collapse and store so that you can take these covers along on an excursion, weekend stay or extended motorcycle tour. A properly folded polyester cover can easily fit into a backpack, motorcycle cargo bag or vehicle trunk so that you can rapidly remove it if needed and safeguard your motorcycle or lawnmower from sudden rain squalls and prolonged Ultra violet sunlight.

Frequently polyester covers feature water repellant yet breathable “Weatherguard” polyester that is double top stitched for durability minimizing panels which are heat resistant using patented “Thermoguard” material. Many polyester fabric covers also boast clamshell vents that act to avoid condensation and lofting. Where polyester fabric covers touch windscreens and gas tank areas a unique chamois panel is stitched directly into prevent scratching and streaks.

Since polyester is of course easy and lightweight to fold it’s a great material for motorcycles, scooters, lawn tractors along with other smaller sized vehicles. Tractors and motorcycles are the sunshine vehicles and spring and summer time frequently have sudden rain storms that may appear from nowhere and catch you in the center of a landscaping project or bike tour. Having a durable lightweight polyester cover you are able to rapidly cover your scooter, street bike or lawn tractor and it protected against the weather.

Polyester also provides top quality defense against intense Ultra violet light that may dull paint and overheat engine parts. Frequently motorcycles, bicycles and tractors get left outside in which the sun beats lower mercilessly and gradually erodes the paint and exterior finish.

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